Transferable Van Lining

The worlds first removable and reusable conversion

Van Conversion by Icecraft UK

Here at Icecraft we offer Transferable Van Lining for vehicles which can be shipped anywhere for fast, easy on-site installation.

Director Emma Holmes describes this product as ‘the most cutting edge’ on the market today. ‘With our 25 years experience and constant innovation we can provide our customers with the most technologically advanced linings on the market, whilst constantly updating the industry with our new designs’

Our conversions are designed and engineered to the highest standards available today. The result, are standards of durability, functionality and strength that remain unparalleled in the European Refrigerated Vehicle Conversion industry, and this is the reason our linings are chosen by the very best in their field.

This new concept is already proving extremely popular with customers across several different industries from Vehicle Leasing companies who love flexibility of changing the vehicles but retaining the conversion as an asset, to the other end of the spectrum of Sole Traders with a single van who love not having to go through the expense of a new conversion every time they want a new van.

Icecraft originally devised the new design whilst converting 1,880 vehicles for a Major Super Market contract. Previously after 4 Years the Super Market would sell on the vans and replace the entire fleet including new conversions in each and every new vehicle. We decided to exceed their expectations and not only save them thousands of pounds , but increase the resale value of their old vehicles by creating a fully transferrable conversion that could be taken from the old van and fitted in to the new one.

After 4 Years hard service, each lining was removed, washed down and refitted in to the new van for a further 4 Years of service. During a tour of the vehicles, the Supermarket Transport Manager exclaimed that they looked so good he couldn’t tell the difference between the old and the new lining.

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