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Our bespoke Cool Boxes act as the perfect medium between a van and a trailer. These purpose built boxes can be built to any size small enough to fit in an estate car or large enough to fill a lorry.

They can be customised to attach to the back of motorbikes, giving you that capability to transport chilled goods without getting stuck in traffic. Special freezer packs work alongside the insulated design to provide hours of temperature control.

Our Cool Boxes can come in all shapes and sizes, designed, manufactured and fitted to your exact need. Independent refrigeration units can also be fitted should you require longer period usage.

So whether you’re transporting pharmesuticals, milk or simply want somewhere to keep your lunch cold, we can cater to the exact need you require. Our cool boxes are widely used in numerous areas of the delivery industry and are only going to get more and more popular. If you would like a fleet of cool boxes, we can work together to design these to the exact requirements you need be that size, design, temperature control, branding and purpose.

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