Frozen Food Van Conversions

Frozen Linings for Refrigerated Panel Van Conversions

The Icecraft freezer lining is specifically designed to provide optimum levels of thermal efficiency whilst maintaining the best payloads. Each and every freezer conversion for sale incorporates our unique 75-100mm triple aspect panels, upgraded door seals and fixed strip curtains as standard, guaranteeing temperatures from minus 25c and above.

Each and every Icecraft Panel Van Conversion is fully ECWVTA Type approved.

  • 30 Years Experience
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Best Payloads in the UK
  • ECWVTA Type Approved
  • ATP Certified on certain conversions. All Icecraft conversions are built to exceed ATP Class A and C requirements.

The better equipped a van is for the job in hand, the easier and more efficiently the job can get done. And this is another area where the Icecraft freezer lining really shines: as well as high tech extras as standard, it comes with a wide range of technical innovations from our multiple side freezer door designs to our ground breaking new rear freezer door pods and racking systems, giving you all the individual options you need to succeed. Now including our amazing new 10 year lining warranty.

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Included with every Freezer conversion as standard:

Frozen Linings for Refrigerated Panel Van Conversions

Customise your lining:

Have your lining exactly the way you want it with our extensive  list of optional extras – from Pallet Protection packages, Load Lock, Foldable Shelving and door modifications through to Moveable Bulkheads, hand wash basins and food preparation counters – click here for more optional extras!

Latest Innovations:

New Pallet Width Side freezer Door

As part of our on going process to ensure we have the most advanced linings on the market, we have developed yet another UK first.

Our new Pallet Width Side Freezer Door creates new and exciting possibilities for maximum loading and unloading capabilities. Now you can load pallets in the front and rear providing added ease for both single and multi-temperature conversions with or without a fixed or moveable bulkhead in the middle – you can easily load pallets into specific sections for alternate temperature needs. We can also offer the option of left to right opening(“suicide ” door) or right to left  (as pictured).

These doors will provide a unique selling point for both hire and courier companies – with the new design saving time, money and dramatically decreasing loading effort where previously front items needed to be hand loaded individually.

Click Here to see the latest pictures!

Frozen Linings for Refrigerated Panel Van Conversions

New Rear Freezer Door Pods for Panel Van Conversions

Our design team are proud to present our brand new, Revolutionary Rear Freezer Door Pods that not only save time and allow easier closing and access for repairs,they also dramatically increase payload capabilities. No more heavy, cumbersome slab doors that need to be slammed or removed for repair access, our new creation acts like a “plug in a hole”. The doors gently close just like a chill lining whilst maximum thermal efficiency levels are achieved.

We love our new design so much we have decided to make them available to everyone. We now offer these new pods as standard with every new Freezer Conversion, allowing our customers to benefit from a new innovation at no extra cost.