Optional Extras

Refrigerated Vehicle Conversion Extras

Our limitless choice of optional extras allow you total customization of your lining, providing you with the exact conversion you need for the job.


New! Pallet Width Side Freezer Door

Our new Pallet Width Side Freezer Door creates new and exciting possibilities for maximum loading and unloading capabilities. Now you can load pallets in the front and rear providing added ease for both single and multi-temperature conversions with or without a fixed or moveable bulkhead in the middle – you can easily load pallets into specific sections for alternate temperature needs. We can also the option of left to right opening(“suicide ” door) or right to left (as pictured) at no extra cost.


Vehicle Conversion Extra | Extra Protection Plates

Protection Plates offer that extra protection against the loading and unloading of your converted refrigerated van. Don’t compromise on the quality of your van, protect yourself against heavy loads.


Vehicle Conversion Extra | Polar Curtains

Top quality Polar Curtains are included as standard on all door apertures. These curtains offer temperature protection, keeping the cool within your converted refrigerated van.


Vehicle Conversion Extra | Fixed and Fold out Steps

We can offer fixed, internal or our unique in-house designed fold out step system which stores neatly under the chassis and provides a safe and secure step – greatly promoting safety in multi-drop deliveries.


Vehicle Conversion Extra | Fixed and Moveable Bulkheads

Our fixed and movable bulkheads give you the power to divide your converted refrigerated vehicle. The movable bulkheads allow you to move the dividing wall up and down the cabin to create space where you need it. When not needed this can easily be tucked against the roof. These are great for those jobs where a multi-temperature job is required.


Vehicle Conversion Extra | Twin Temperature Fankits

Having a twin temperature fankit can give you the freedom of temperature control. By having a dual zone of temperature you can manage those chilled & frozen jobs at the same time by dividing the cabin with a fixed or movable bulkhead then adding in a twin temperature fan kit. Never divide your jobs again, simply divide the cabin.


Vehicle Conversion Extra | Smooth and Non Slip Floors with optional 2ins door lips.

The Non Slip Flooring gives you the precision and safety required to complete jobs where the produce could potentially create a slip hazard through leakage, freezing or simply wet. The Door Lips also create that added extra of bit of safety. This extra is ideal for fish mongers where ice can escape produce trays and create a slippery surface.

Vehicle Conversion Extra | Load Loc

The Load Loc gives you the option to have shelving across the width of the cabin. These shelves can be loaded up with tractable containers or trays to keep your produce elevated and secure. Due to the Load Loc being attached to the side of the van walls you can choose the spacing between shelves.


Vehicle Conversion Extra | Hooks

Vehicle Conversion Extra | Load Restraint Bars

Vehicle Conversion Extra | Shelving and Racking

Vehicle Conversion Extra | Ovens

Vehicle Conversion Extra | Pallet Protection

Vehicle Conversion Extra | Door Configurations

Vehicle Conversion Extra | Tail Lifts

Vehicle Conversion Extra | Refrigeration Units

Our in-house Refrigeration Department can cater to all your needs. We source and fit all makes and models of units as well as Temperature Recorders, Printers, Condensor Moulds and Air Deflectors. We also provide service contracts and a color coding facility to match the unit to the vehicle color.

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