Chilled Food Van Conversions

Icecraft’s ATP Certified Van Conversions and Multi Temperature Vans are dedicated to the safe storage and delivery of chilled, frozen and multi-temperature products across the whole of the UK and Europe. Contact Us today for more information on our Chilled Van Conversions.

Our Chilled Food Van Conversions

Our specialist Chilled Food Van Conversions are perfectly suited to transport any product that needs to be refrigerated or chilled. We are able to convert any van of any age, size make or mode as all our Chilled Food Van Conversions are bespoke to meet your requirements.

Over 25 years of knowledge and experience has taught us that when it comes to chilled, frozen and multi-temperature transportation of goods, it is critical that we have temperature, security & space elements down to a tee. When it comes to chilled foods we know how important it is to hold that temperature exactly where you need it to be. With our Chilled Conversions you have the power to control the temperature to exactly what you want it to be. Features can very depending on what you need to use the converted van for, you can load the van out with separate fridges giving you that divide between produce, you could go for the singular large fridge where you have shelving, racks, hooks or stacked styles to choose from. You can add in the plastic dividers to keep your goods chilled whilst loading or unloading.

Thanks to the incredible quality of our interior insulation & linings, we are able reach, maintain and even delve deeper on temperature. Having this edge is what makes us so popular with our Chilled Refrigerated Van Conversions.

Just some of our bespoke conversions include Pharmaceuticals Van Conversions, Butchers Van Conversions, Couriers Van Conversions, Chilled Food Van Conversions, Fish Mongers Van Conversions, Frozen Food Van Conversions and Bakery Heated Van Conversions.

Quality Chilled Food Van Conversions

For our Chilled Food Van Conversions, we use the best materials, expert craftsmen, unrivalled bespoke designs are utilise our hand built linings to provide the UK’s best Chilled Food Van Conversions.

Our Chilled Food Van Conversions utilise our unique lining, which is the lightest, and strongest linings on the market, providing amazing payloads and a product that will out perform all others in its class.




Chilled Food Van Conversions Warranty

All our Chilled Food Van Conversions come with an wide-ranging 10 year warranty, demonstrating our confidence in our Chilled Food Van Conversions and the quality of our products.

Our commitment to give customers a product that more than stands the test of time is only matched by our unrivalled customer care team look after your business from start to finish, keeping you constantly informed with your vehicles updates.

As the leading vehicle converter in the UK, the Icecraft Chilled Food Van Conversions and Refrigerated Conversion product range is designed and engineered to the very highest standards available today.

Contact us today for our Chilled Food Van Conversions

So if you are looking for a long lasting, hard working and great looking Chilled Food Van Conversions then an Icecraft conversion is the perfect solution. Contact Icecraft today for more information by filling in our Online Enquiry Form and we’ll get back to you. Or call 01258 837772 now.