Van Conversions

Icecraft’s ATP Certified Multi Temperature Vans are dedicated to the safe storage and delivery of chilled, frozen and multi-temperature products across the whole of the UK and Europe. Contact Us today for more information on our Van Conversions.

Our Van Conversions

Our specialist Van Conversions are perfectly suited to transport any product that either needs to be refrigerated, chilled, frozen or heated. We are able to convert any van of any age, size make or mode as all our conversions are bespoke to meet your requirements.


We offer a complete customisation conversion where you really have the power to convert a van of your choice into what you need it for. Currently we have worked with a variety of industries to cater to their every need. If you need a bespoke van conversion please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we would be more than happy to expand our own horizons in van conversions whilst supplying you with the van you need to do your job.

Markets we have currently converted vans for include; Pharmaceuticals Van ConversionsButchers Van ConversionsCouriers Van ConversionsChilled Food Van ConversionsFish Mongers Van ConversionsFrozen Food Van Conversions and Bakery Heated Van Conversions.

Moving forward we would be more than interested in making conversions for Ice Cream Vans, Meals on Wheels, Lunch Vans and other conversions, the world really is your oyster here. Get in contact today to discuss the next newest conversion the market has to offer.

Quality Van Conversions

Only the best materials, expert and qualified craftsmen and unrivalled designs are utilised in our hand built linings to provide the UK’s Quality Van Conversions.

Our Van Conversions utilise our unique lining, which is the lightest, and strongest linings on the market, providing the best payloads and a product that will out perform all others in its class.

Van Conversions Warranty

All our Van Conversions come with an comprehensive 10 year warranty, demonstrating our confidence in the quality of our products and our commitment to give customers a product that more than stands the test of time. Our unrivalled customer care team look after your business from start to finish, keeping you constantly informed with your vehicles updates.

As the leading vehicle converter in the UK, the Icecraft Refrigerated Conversion product range is designed and engineered to the very highest standards available today.

Contact us today for our Van Conversions

So if you are looking for a long lasting, hard working and great looking Van Conversions then an Icecraft conversion is the perfect solution. Contact Icecraft today for more information by filling in our Online Enquiry Form and we’ll get back to you. Or call 01258 837772 now.