Hi Top Refrigerated Van

Hi Top Refrigerated Van

As you would expect from the leading vehicle converter in the UK, the Icecraft Refrigerated Conversion product range is designed and engineered to the very highest standards available today.

Icecraft’s ATP Certified Hi Top Refrigerated Vans are dedicated to the safe storage and delivery of chilled, frozen and multi-temperature products across the whole of the UK and Europe. Contact Us today for more information on our Refrigerated Commercial Vans.


Our Hi Top Refrigerated Vans

Here at Icecraft we have a number of Hi Top Refrigerated Vans and Trailers; click the links below or Contact Us direct for more information.

Our Panel Van Conversions are fit for all storage and delivery of chilled and frozen products. As well as providing conversions of Refrigerated Commercial Vans we also provide the very best New Refrigerated Vans and Used Refrigerated Vans.

Refrigerated Commercial VansRefrigerated Commercial VansRefrigerated Commercial Vans


Quality Hi Top Refrigerated Commercial Vans

We only use the very best materials in all our Refrigerated Conversions, our expertly skilled craftsmen and unrivaled designs are utilised in our hand built linings to provide you with the UK’s leading Temperature Controlled Conversion.

Whether it’s a single order for one small Refrigerated Panel Van Conversion to a fleet order of 400, our unrivaled customer care team look after your business from start to finish, keeping you constantly informed with your vehicles updates, allowing you to relax and focus on other important areas of your business.


Hi Top Refrigerated Vans Warranty

Each and every new conversion comes with an amazing 10 year warranty, showing our confidence in the lasting quality of our products and our on going commitment to give our customers a product that truly stands the test of time.

Our Fleet support team expertly manage all fleet orders, from precise mass to forecasting of vehicle completion dates, vehicle PDI’s to sign writing your vehicles with our in house service and providing weight bridge tickets.

Your dedicated fleet manager will work with you every step of the way to ensure every deadline is met and every product specification exceeds expectations.


Contact us today for our Hi Top Refrigerated Vans

So if you are looking for a long lasting, hard working and great looking Hi Top Refrigerated Van then an Icecraft conversion is the perfect solution. Contact Icecraft today for more information by filling in our Online Enquiry Form and we’ll get back to you. Or call 01258 837 772 now.