Bespoke Refrigerated Panel Vans

Over 25 years ago we created the World’s first Refrigerated Dry Lining. Since then we have been applying our growing expertise and experience to make our award winning Bespoke Refrigerated Panel Vans what they are today.

Here at Icecraft we have a number of Bespoke Refrigerated Panel Vans and Bespoke Refrigeration Vehicle Panel Conversion options; we also provide only the very best New Refrigerated Panel Vans and Used Refrigerated Panel Vans. Click the links below or Contact Us direct for more information.

Refrigerated VansRefrigerated VansRefrigerated Vans


Quality Bespoke Refrigerated Panel Vans

Only the very best materials, expertly skilled craftsmen and unrivalled designs are utilised in our hand built linings to provide you with the UK’s leading Temperature Controlled Conversion.

To provide you with the best payloads and a product that will out live and out perform all in its class, our Bespoke Refrigeration Panel Vehicle Conversions use the strongest and yet lightest linings on the market.


Bespoke Refrigerated Panel Van Conversion Warranty

We have such confidence in the lasting quality of our products and our on going commitment to give our customers a product that truly stands the test of time, so included each and every new Refrigerated Panel Van Conversion is an amazing 10 year warranty.

Whether it’s a single order for one small Refrigerated Panel Van Conversion to a fleet order of 400, our unrivalled customer care team look after your business from start to finish, keeping you constantly informed with your vehicles updates.


Contact us today for more on our Bespoke Refrigerated Panel Vans

So, if you are looking for a long lasting, hard working and great looking Bespoke Refrigerated Panel Vans then an Icecraft conversion is the perfect solution. Contact Icecraft today for more information by filling in our Online Enquiry Form and we’ll get back to you.